Privacy Policy

What does privacy policy mean to the user who is visiting our site? 

The answer to this question is that all activities are done by you on our site are recorded with help of many tools. Second, we also tell in detail tell who do we are sharing data with and what type of data is shared. We also tell you about how we use this data. One more thing to be noted is that all thing done with data and thing related to sharing of data is mentioned here on our website.

DATA Collection

Data collection means that how are we collect data. We collect data with help of Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, WP form, Mail chimp, and chat plugin, etc. Data will also through another app from time to time we update it.  

Data Storage

Data storage is stored on a website database as well on Google Analytics, Mail chimp, and many other apps.  

Data usage

Data usage here means how are we using your data. Whenever  you  have visit our site  we get 

The privacy policy page will help you to know how and for what purpose we use it. 

We would understand the behavior of clients on the website and this would do to serve you better.

Our company would use your behavior on our website for sharing those services for which you were showing interest on our website.   

Data will also be used to understand what things are working and what are not working. 

Data sharing

Data sharing mean who do we are sharing data with and what type of data is shared with tools. We might be sharing your email, name, and things with your prior permission. 

Our website also collects mobile, computer operating system location and we also understand how are you visit us and what activity you were doing. The data collected by our website is shared with google analytics. 

They  are also a thing to note which  is that whenever we permission from you for us to send you an email we store basic on website database, mail chimp, and google analysts.  

 Sharing of data here means with which site we would be sharing your data and interaction with our site.  There is the probability that we would be sharing your data with third parties websites to serve you better. We also share data to understand what are customer expectations. This is done to fill your expectation.  

The data is usually shared with google analytics, google ad and other third-party app. 

We can use data taken through this website can be used for marketing and advertisement purposes.

Google Ads

Google ads are been run on this site based on data collected through this website. We also run google remarking based on data collected from this website. Google ad  

Facebook Ad

Whenever a visitor visits our website you left some data which helps us to show your Facebook ad or social media ad. Data can collect or process in any way or ways in the process we want,